What we do

RangeX seeks to better understand the processes and impacts of plants that are expanding their ranges following climate warming. Our aim is to disentangle the direct effects of climate and indirect effects of changes in competitive interactions. This knowledge can be used as basis for developing a policy regarding range- expanding plant species. We focus on mountain ecosystems as an ideal model system to address our research questions.

Mountains are of crucial conservation value, by serving as hotspots of biodiversity, refugia for biota threatened by climate warming, and as key global sources of water, food, and livelihoods. However, this ecosystem is experiencing above-average rates of warming and increasing pressures from invasive species and development. This makes mountains priority areas for sustainability research.

Who are we?

We are a diverse group of researchers and technicians representing a wide range of disciplines, from plant biology, soil chemistry, pollination services and social science.

Where do we work?

In the mountains! Our research is mainly focused on montane grasslands in climatically and socio-ecologically contrasting regions around the globe.